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The Commonwealth is one of the world’s oldest political association of states. Its roots go back to the British Empire when some countries were ruled directly or indirectly by Britain. Some of these countries became self-governing while retaining Britain’s monarch as Head of State. They formed the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Fifty two countries are members of the Commonwealth which span Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific. They are amongst the world’s largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries. Thirty-one of the members are classified as small states – countries with a population size of 1.5 million people or less and larger member states that share similar characteristics with them. Leaders of member countries shape Commonwealth policies and priorities. All members have an equal say – regardless of size or economic stature. This ensures even the smallest member countries have a voice in shaping the Commonwealth. Similar to that- the Group of Commonwealth SAIs represent the distinctive gathering of minds, where we move ahead taking strengths from our shared past and our budding future. SAIs of Commonwealth are some of the most progressive SAIs known for their strengths in various areas of public auditing. Amongst us we have audit leaders of world class, auditors of various international organisations and people who have contributed immensely to the world of public auditing and oversight through their innovative ideas and work.

The Conference logo was designed keeping in mind the unique nature of this Commonwealth SAI group as well as the theme of the Conference viz. “Fostering Partnerships for Capacity Development in Public Audit”. The logo also reminds us of the two sub-themes of the conference which represents our two major focus areas viz. (i) Leveraging technology in public audit and; (ii) Environment audit



The logo contains 52 leaves in green and orange which represent the 52 SAIs of the Commonwealth countries – each with its unique characteristics and traits.

The leaves and the Wi-Fi icon also remind us of the key role that the SAIs could play to the preservation of environment through environment audits and enhancing the effectiveness of public audit by leveraging technology.


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